How To Get Glowing Skin - 3 Tips You Can Apply Today

How To Get Glowing Skin

Are you frustrated with your poor skin condition? You want to have a beautiful skin, but when you look into the mirror you only see ugly, grayish skin, fine lines and wrinkles and even sagging skin. If this sounds like you, you've come to the right place. In this article I will share my three tips on how to get a glowing skin -and the best part is you can start applying them today!

How To Get Glowing Skin - 3 Tips You Can Apply Today1. Try a Homemade Facial mask

It's easy to make a natural facial mask with basic ingredients at home. Many fruits and other foodstuffs can be used as a mask that can help your skin look more glowing instantly. Try any of these recipes:

Take one banana and mash it. If you like, add some honey and if you are hoping for a lighter skin color, too, press in a half a lemon as well. Apply the mixture on your face and décolleté and keep it on for up to 20 minutes, then wash with cool water.

A mixture of carrot and pineapple juice can be a used to improve the skin. You have to keep this juice on your skin for approximately 12-15 minutes and then rinse it off with water.

Blend honey and milk together and apply to your skin. The mixture is runny - it's a good idea to do this mask while taking a bath, so the excess can drop into the bathwater, benefitting your body at the same time! Keep on for up to 20 minutes.

2. Drink warm Lemon Water or Herbal Tea daily

To get glowing skin, you will need to cleanse yourself from the inside, too. The best way to do so is to drink 8 -10 glasses of warm lemon water throughout the day - or substitute the lemon water for herbal teas. Press a half a lemon into one glass of water and enjoy, or buy an herbal tea without any added aroma. Some very good detoxifying herbs are fennel and nettle, but as long as you are drinking natural herbal tea without any additives, your skin condition will benefit from it.

3. Establish a Skin care regimenToday

Most people who are asking themselves how to get glowing skin are already following some skin care routine. Sadly most of these regimens don't work as they should, perhaps because the skin care products used are wrong, or because the regimen itself is unsuitable.

Start with this regimen: cleanse your skin in the morning with a gentle facial wash, and then apply day cream or a natural whitening day cream. In the evening cleanse your skin again thoroughly; apply night cream if your skin is feeling dry or if you are over 30. Once a week use a facial mask such as described in the recipes above. Alternatively you can buy a mask.

Make sure the skin care products you are using are 100% natural and that they have been proven effective in making the skin look smoother, younger and more glowing. Look for clinical test results and positive customer comments when shopping for new products.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips on how to get glowing skin naturally and will benefit from following them!


If you want to find out where to get the best products for glowing skin which can help you look younger and more beautiful: you need to do your research! Find proven natural skin care products that do what they promise and you will discover that keeping your goodl looks is not mission impossible at all!


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