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Tips To Get Rid of Oily Skin

Tips To Get Rid of Oily Skin If you have oily skin, it's definitely one of the things that help spread the acne because bacteria lives in that environment. There are a few causes of oily skin. The first one is hormonal. If your hormones are imbalanced, you will have oily skin. What happens is when you are eating foods that raise your hormones, your body will produce more oil, so the bacteria will spread quicker. Another reason could be stress-related. Stress increases your hormones as well and causes your skin to be more oily. The third reason for oily skin is diet.

To prevent the onslaught of oily skin, you have to cut out on processed dairy. Things like cheese, milk, and ice cream that you usually buy from the supermarket comes from cows that are pumped with hormones so that they will grow quicker and produce more dairy. The problem with that is when you are digesting them, those synthetic hormones are interacting with your body and cause for more oil to be produced in your body. You can eat dairy, but make sure that they are free-range and organic.

Another thing that you can do is cut back on sugars. If you want to eat sugar, eat it in its natural form -such as sweet fruits. If you can completely eliminate both from your diet, the better.

Finances, relationship, and health are three major things that usually stress us out. Stress causes acne and slows down the healing process of your skin. It also increases the hormones to your adrenal glands, which produces more oil, making bacteria spread quicker and in turn cause acne breakouts.

To reduce stress, you can try meditation. just look up some videos on YouTube or Google, or just buy a book on meditation. It is really simple. You just sit there and quiet your mind. There are different kinds of meditation and all of them just takes away the stress, and calms your inner self and mind.

Instead of reacting to the stress, respond to it. Just decide to be stress-free and you will feel much better and look better.

Other things that can cause oily skin are touching your skin because it allows the bacteria to spread quicker and the oil allows it to replicate quicker. A lot of times, your hands are oily or you are touching things that are oily. So you better not touch your face when you do those things.

Cosmetic products can also cause oily skin. It makes your skin not able to breathe properly. It is advisable to use less of those or if you can, totally abstain from using cosmetic products. Allow your skin to breath and allow oxygen to make in contact with your skin as much as possible.

Those are some tips for keeping your skin not so oily. Follow the steps mentioned and you will see a more balanced and healthier skin.


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