Take after These 3 Stages for a Perfect Ponytail Each Time

Since it's a style we wear day by day, we never become weary of learning tips to idealize the braid. So when Rodney Cutler, Cutler Salon proprietor and Redken lead beautician, disclosed to us how he styled the smooth braids at the Cushnie et Ochs spring 2014 runway appear, we were listening attentively. Here are his three basics for making a horse that stays set up even after the last strut down the catwalk:

Take after These 3 Stages for a perfect ponytail Each Time

1. Coordinate your blow dry.

For a super smooth pig tail (and no knocks), you generally need to blow dry your hair toward the path you need the hair to arrive. Blow dry hair from the root straight back toward where the pig tail will guarantee it lays legitimately.

2. Tilt your head back.

When maneuvering hair into a braid (Cutler pulled hair back in areas), tilt your head back marginally to make a more tightly hold. This helps keep the hair underneath from slipping out after you secure the horse.

3. Overhaul your flexible.

When you secure a pig tail with a normal versatile, the hair loses strain after some time and in the end slips out. Rather, Cutler utilized a hair bungee to wrap the pig tail. To keep the hair set up, contort one end of the bungee clockwise around the base of the braid and after that wind the flip side of the bungee counterclockwise, at that point tie the two closures in a tight bunch.


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